sonata per salterio, anonimo, archivio Csa Museo Spada Antichi Strumenti Musicali, salterista Franziska Fleischanderl

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04 giugno 18:30
La salterista Franziska Fleischanderl esegue la "sonata per salterio", di autore anonimo. Archivio Csa Museo Spada Antichi Strumenti Musicali,


Franziska Fleischanderl - psalterium (or salterio), Lukas Henning - archlute (a compromise between a theorbe and a lute) Franziska Fleischanderl is an expert for the Italian 18thcentury salterio. She is researching the salterio’s history and playing techniques, and brings its original repertoire back to life. After years of researching in Italy, she is now writing her thesis at Leiden university. She is founder and director of the ensemble IL DOLCE CONFORTO. Their two CDs “Sacred Salterio” and “Salterio italiano” were internationally reviewed and premiered. Franziska plays an original instrument from 1725, built by Michele Barbi. Lukas Henning studied Lute and Theorbo under Hopkinson Smith and received additional teaching from various influential scholars and performers such as Crawford Young, Jesper Christensen or Anthony Rooley. Since 2011 Lukas Henning has been performing throughout central and northern Europe.


04 giugno 18:30

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